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PayMate: a payment challenger from Australia (?)

Hello all,

A quick post to introduce a perhaps new challenger in this amazing payment race that is going on right now:


Surely enough they are small and nimble – processing $22M of payments in 2010 only compared to the $100B of PayPal or even the $5T of Visabut as they do Credit, their margins are probably very interesting and they are now backed a very healthy payment group called FlexiGroup wich should give them the legs they need to expand beyond their current development. Well done PayMate and welcome to the race.

Image representing Paymate as depicted in Crun...



David Pardo


South East Asia corruption and a cash less based society

Hello all,

South East Asia has a strong history of corruption. Out of the main countries in the region, only very few have been historically fighting their own corruption.

Today’s situation is not much better for most.

on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 10 (no corruption). Here is a ranking that should frighten all of us:

Myanmar (Burma) 1.4

Indonesia 2.1

Laos 2.1

Cambodia 2.1

Philippines 2.4

Vietnam 2.7

Sri Lanka 3.2

India 3.3

Thailand  3.5

Malaysia  4.4

and…wait for it..

Singapore 9.3 (or #1 ranking in the world…)


So why is it that such a small country have been effective at cleaning up its own space . Some countries around the region are told to be similar and yet don’t have such results. Malaysia has been contemplated as the bigger cousin of Singapore for many reasons  and yet doesn’t achieve close to the same results.

One reason I d like to put out there for the ones that care to fix it: cash less based society. 

Now I am going to state the obvious: imagine a world where all transactions are electronic. Imagine a world where there is no way for people to pay than using legitimate companies that have to report suspect transactions and fraud. Well corruption in that world would be limited don’t you think?



David Pardo